How to vote in the Football Blogging Awards 2018

Voting Starts 4th April 2018 and Closes 15th April 10pm!


There are TWO ways you can vote.

1. Through the Football Blogging Awards website

2. Through Twitter


There are two stages in the Football Blogging Awards.

The nomination stage and the finalists stage.

The blogs, websites or vloggers/bloggers that reach the finalists stage will be those who have amassed the most votes or as nominated by judges and organisers.

In the finalists stage there will be two awards per category – Fans Winner and Judges Winner, with the judges panel a select choice of football journalists, personalities and experts.

For website voting, there will be a simple form to fill in.

For Twitter voting, you will need to publicly vote for the blog you are voting for in which category. Each Category has a unique hashtag.

Category Hashtags are the following:

Best Gaming Football Content Creator – #FBAgaming
Best Football Video Content Creator – #FBAvideo
Best Gambling Football Blog – #FBAgambling
Best Young Football Blogger or Vlogger – #FBAyoungblogger
Best Football Club Content Creator – #FBAfootballclub
Best Football Podcast – #FBApodcast
Best Football Influencer – #FBAinfluencer
Best Social Football Account – #FBAsocial
Best New Football Blog – #FBAnewblog
Best International Football Blog #FBAinternational 


You can vote across both mediums and all votes will be counted.